Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Helloooooooo Maternity Wear!

The day has come! I have sent my regular clothes away for awhile. Nice and snug, folded away and organized under the bed in tupperware for the next few months. I am officially a maternity wearing pregnant chick and I love it! I have found the most comfortable pants ever from Motherhood Maternity called - The Secret Fit Belly. They might look silly (like most maternity pants seem to look) but they are heaven compared to some other maternity pants I have tried on.

My ever expanding bust has been demanding the extra room maternity tops provide since probably about my 7th week of pregnancy. But once you are in the pants, I believe is when the maternity wear is official!

So where's my membership card?? Oh, yea! The proof is in the baby belly! (Pictures of that to come really soon!!)

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