Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stuck in the middle...

We are still in the quest for the perfect middle name for our little Darby. We have plenty of time and aren't ready to decide just yet! We still want your opinion, but we have added a few more options!

We are starting fresh! Even if you had already voted, we need you to please vote again!

Here is a recap of the choices, along with the new additions:

Darby FERN - after Erics Great Grandma on his Dad's side.

Darby ANNE - after me!

Darby EMMA - after my sister, Emily.

Darby MYRA - after Erics Grandma, who was one in a million.

Darby LYNNE - after Erics Aunt.

Darby MAE - after my Aunt.

Darby HART - Erics Mom's maiden name.

Darby HOPE - Something we have needed a lot of this year.

If you have any ideas, feel free to leave me a comment. We are always open to suggestions!! Of course the final decision will be ours, and we don't plan on basing it on how many votes each name gets. We just like the input of our friends and family along the way!


Monica said...

Hi Annie --

I feel quite honored to now be included in your possible middle name choices. I have posted my vote -- Can you guess which one I have chosen :)


Andie said...

Hi Chickybaby,
It's so nice to see how much your pregnancy has progressed in this wonderful website. I'm so excited to hear about your little Darcy. I had to pick Darcy Anne because it goes well together and it's also your name. After what you have gone through, you are such a deserving mom! I started working at the special care nursery in the hospital in January and love all the babies to death. I feel like they are my own children....I pray that your pregnancy goes well and I cannot wait to see pics of Darcy. Pls. email me anytime if you have questions that I can help you with ok. I love you dearly. Hi to your hubby and great job on the sweet pink nursery. Muah!