Friday, February 1, 2008

Little buds that WILL bloom...


Pregnancy loss is truley something I will never fully understand. Even if there is a clear explanation as to WHY, I just can not understand why not. This week alone, I have known 3 couples that have experienced it. It is so much more common then anyone would have thought.

One of the people that lost their little one this week was given a blanket at the hospital. Inside of it was a tag with "Budded on earth, to bloom in heaven" written on it. That is so comforting to me, and it is so true. I always refered to our 2 losses as our "heaven babies" so it just went hand in hand with how I already felt.

I believe it takes a special woman, and couple, to go through a pregnancy loss. Once you find out you are expecting, your world changes and your focus IS that baby. It is heartbreaking to know your baby has been sent to heaven before you even got to pick out the nursery color.

I wish no one ever had to go through it, and it always seems to happen to the most deserving couples. My heart breaks along with theirs.

To them, a reminder that no matter how difficult it seems, each new day is full of PROMISE and HOPE.

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