Tuesday, January 6, 2009

5 Months Old!!

I know this is way overdue - since Darby is now approaching the 6 month mark! - but I've been busy playing catch up after all the holiday festivities! Here are some "I am 5 months old" shots for you to enjoy! I can't believe how much Darby has grown. I've put a slide show on the bottom with the pictures from each month on her pink chair with her pretty pillow, to show you the comparisons.

In her 5th month:

Darby has enjoyed tasting fruits in her "chewy" as I call it. Its a net with a handle that you can put fruit and veggies in, so she is able to taste and get the juices without choking. (Click Here to see what I'm talking about) She looooooves it, and I do too. It keeps her occupied for awhile so I can cook or clean, or just have a little time to myself!

She is just about ready to sit up on her own. She can for about a minute, but then plops over, or goes to reach for something and looses her balance. Any day now she is going to get it.

Darby loves dogs. If we are at a friends house, or even just home with Billie, she leans towards and reaches out to pet them. She doesn't seem to mind one bit getting slobbery kisses either!

She is very vocal these days. Shreeking, laughing or just talking.

Darby loves to play in her walker, and walk around the house. She looks so proud of herself when she does. It's adorable.

She is NAPPING IN HER CRIB! (she has been co-sleeping since we brought her home) This was not an easy task for me, or her, but it is proving successful. Next up - sleeping through the night, in her crib. Am I asking for too much?!

She can roll over from her back to her tummy, and then immediately roll to her back! She is so quick she will be halfway across the living room floor before we know it.

She reaches for anything and everything within sight - when I sit her up after I change her diaper on her changing table, she always reaches for the Desitin or the hand sanitizer - with both hands. She has no problem grasping it and putting it directly into her mouth!

I can't believe she is 5 months old already!!


Brooke said...

Oh my gosh! I love her pictures! Is that a flower pot she is sitting in? SO CUTE!!!

hollyli said...

i love her pictures... especially the ones in the canister. glad you had a great christmas. looks like darby was spoiled!

rachelle said...

you totally read my mind! yesterday i was checking out the shutterfly site when i saw the 5mth pictures. i was wondering when we could see a comparison slideshow. she is so big now!