Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Loving Great Grandma & Yummy Banana!

We were so happy that my Grandma, Darby's GREAT Grandma, had to escape the nasty winter weather of Spokane, WA and come visit! It was the first time D got to see her Great Grandma and she loves her so much already! This morning we went out to breakfast - that's 4 generations! - and it was a very special time being there together.
In other news, I could never get Darby to eat the Gerber baby food bananas. I personally think they smell so yummy, but I guess not to Darby! I've been putting banana in her "chewy" and she loooooooves it. She can practically eat a whole banana that way! It gets pretty messy, but hey, that's what kids do right?

I can't believe she will be turing 6 months on Saturday. I must say it all the time but - time flies! Every day little miss Darby do just grows and grows by leaps and bounds. She is walking so well in her walker, my next "to do" is to video her so I can post it here for all to see!


Monica said...

I can tell Mom is very happy getting to meet little Miss Darby. Now if I could just figure out a way to justify a trip down there to meet her ........ hmmmmmm.

Aunt Monica

hollyli said...

Amelia is the same way with her bananas! So cute!

Colleen said...

Oh man, she's too cute! We tried the "net" with our kids but nobody liked it, and I am way too OCD to have a big mess. Glad Darby and you enjoy it!