Sunday, January 4, 2009

Darbys 1st Christmas

We have been SO busy (to put it mildly) with the holidays, I wondered when I would ever get to posting about all the fun on here. Well, the time has come!

Darby had a great 1st Christmas, got totally spoiled and decided she really likes this "Santa" dude. On Christmas eve we celebrate with the Murray side - Eric's parents, brother and Aunt Lynne and Uncle Kevin. Santa (we will refer to this Santa as "Garden Grove Santa") brought Darby an Elmo live, and she loooooooves watching and listening to him. He is pretty adorable, he tells stories, jokes, sings, dances and even asks for help if he falls over! She is going to have a lot of fun playing with her new Elmo.

Darby had a lot of fun opening her gifts. On Christmas eve she fells asleep after only opening 2, so we had to help her with the rest and her stocking. On Christmas morning we headed over to Eric's Aunt Cindy's house to celebrate with his Mom's side of the family. (Big family all living close by, means lots of celebrating to do on holidays!) We had breakfast and a gift exchange. Darby's cousin Jordyn (who was our flower girl) had her name. Jordyn got Darby some really fun toys!

After that, it was off to Redondo Beach to see my family for the rest of Christmas day and evening. As soon as we got there, Darby just couldn't wait to dive into her stocking!
"Redondo Beach Santa" got Darby this too cool walker. It has a keyboard so she can start composing her concertos early, or she can switch it to make animal sounds or play music! She loves being able to walk around the house in it! Thanks Santa!

Our big tradition on my side of the family, is that the MEN cook dinner on Christmas. Not just any dinner - we (well, they) make a yummy mexican feast of enchiladas, rice, beans, tamales, and usually chile rellenos - although I JUST now realized they were missing this year! My brother and his family were not able to fly down for Christmas - it wasn't the same without them there and we really missed them. (He is usually in charge of those chile rellenos so that must have been why they were missing.) I am praying and hoping they are able to make it next year, they haven't even met Darby yet!

Anyway, back to Christmas. Mexican feast cooked by the men, wearing none other then Santa and Elve aprons of course! The dinner turned out so well as usual, followed by some of my Mom's yummy Christmas cookies.

It was the best Christmas ever, made that way by our sweet little Darby. She is the best gift of all!!

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Colleen said...

Sounds like you all had a blast. Kids do make the holidays (and everyday) better! I have the same tshirt as your hubby...

jlmishler said...

Hahaha Erics apron reminds me of your elf yourself video...oh man that makes my day!!! YAY for Darby's first christmas! What a lovely day! Loves~ J