Sunday, January 18, 2009

Busy Weekend!

This weekend is a long weekend (Eric has Monday off) but so far, it's already been a busy one! We have had a lot of fun.

On Friday night we attempted to go over to Disneyland to take Darby on a few rides. It was packed! The line was daunting and we gave up and cruised over to Downtown Disney for dinner. That's a plus of having annual passes. We are just going to try again tomorrow!

Yesterday we went to La Mirada Park. Eric and a few friends played disc golf, while Darby and I hung out with our friends Rachelle and Jackson. The babies are so cute together. It's so funny that sometimes they can be smack in front of each others faces, but just look right past like the other isn't even there!

They swung on the swings, we took a walk around the duck pond and laid a blanket on the grass to hang out. Darby was a bit of a bully, taking Jacksons pacifier right out of his mouth. Poor guy... but I have to say it was pretty cute to watch. Of course, I got some pics!

Here are a few other shots of Little D enjoying her walker - her new favorite toy! She is so all over the place in it, I've had to stop hanging my purse or the diaper bags over the kitchen chairs. She likes to walk on up and get into them! Little stinker!

Today I've been sewing. I got a fabulous sewing machine - a Singer Inspiration - for Christmas from my in laws, and I love it to death!! I'm still a beginner by all means, but am having such a great time learning as I go. I've started out small - bibs, burp cloths, and lovie blankets. Here are 2 bibs I sewed today and a lovie I made last week for Darby.


Kate said...

Oh my goodness! Darby is so stinkin' cute! And those cheeks are so chubby! I love it! Nice work on the bibs and the lovie. I made some burp cloths for my friend and I think they turned out pretty cute so I may have to steal your bib

Anonymous said...

I love the stuff you made! When did you learn to sew? Is Darby always smiling?!?! Geez... I hope my next baby is as happy as she seems to be all the time. You know, you just got lucky. Your next one will probably give you a run for your money (I am smiling devishly right now). Lol.