Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Giggly Darby!!

Darby had been such a giggly baby lately. I just can't get enough of her laughs, it is so cute! Here are a few videos... the walker one is from this morning and the other is from last night. Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...


She is so cute! I love her gurgly giggle and shrieks :) I hope my next baby is a happy like her... we never really got to enjoy Maggie's babyhood b/c of her problems.

Anyway, she is too cute! I love the dog too :)


Anonymous said...

This is just the first of what you can anticipate, now that you belong to the enchanted land of motherhood. Wait until you think you have five in the car (plus two grandparents) and learn you left one (the 18-month-old) at home AFTER you're a half a block from home!.