Monday, March 10, 2008

A Few Special Gifts

Eric got home from his trip to Arizona late last night, and he didn't come home empty handed! Obviously we will be teaching Darby early on, that the Angels are the best major league baseball team! He bought her a few things that will start her off right as a true fan! The cutest onesie, a Angels pacifier and a cute pink hat!

My Grandma who lives in Spokane, WA has been here visiting for the last few weeks. We are so lucky that she is able to travel down here at least once a year to visit, since its hard for us to get up there for visits.
Since she wont be here for my baby shower in May, she wanted to give me my gift in person. I am so in love with the cute pink afghan she crocheted with her own two hands! I can't wait to tell Darby when she's older about the hours of love and hard work her Great Grandma put into her soft pink afghan. It is beautiful and just perfect!

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Emily said...

everything is so cute, annie. i love all the pink stuff and how sweet is Eric to bring those gifts and talk to your tummy. He is going to be a great dad for little Darby! I just know it!
Love you, Emi