Monday, March 17, 2008

More projects and an Irish baby belly!

The Murray men were hard at work in the nursery again this weekend!! We are so happy to report that the crown moulding has successfully been installed in Darby's room! I am so happy with the final product, Dave and Eric did a great job putting it up, just like they did with the waynes coating and chair rail. We will finish painting and touching up this week, so that hopefully next week we can have the new carpet installed!

Darby has been pretty active lately. I am just so anxious for Eric to be able to feel her kicks from the outside. We have started reading to her at night before bed, and of course are still listening to her heartbeat with the doppler.

On another note... Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Enjoy your corned beef and cabbage and green beer. Or your green eggs and ham. Or whatever festive thing you do to celebrate! Eric has BEGGED me to make corned beef, which I HATE. I caved and bought some to make for him, but that only means he will be eating it all week since I will not be helping him! He'll manage I'm sure, and probably wont want to eat it again until next year anyway!

I wanted to start Darby off right with appreciating her Irish heritage. (Both Eric and I are Irish) Since she will not be sharing in Eric's feast of corned beef this evening,

It was not easy to draw those clovers on my own belly! I wanted to do 4 leaf clovers, but they kept coming out crooked. I will be sure to have Eric help next time... I'm thinking, easter egg!


Jen said...

Can I tell you how freaking adorable your belly is!! Best belly pics ever! Cannot wait for you to hold Darby in your arms! Her room is perfect!

Monty (BC)

sherry said...

What is your belly going to look like on EASTER???? Can't wait...personally I voted for Myra for the middle name for obvious reasons...but I was torn because MAE is my middle name so then I could say she was named after auntie sherry!!!
Love your blog..something for me to smile about each time I look at it.

Emily said...

Annie, the room looks way adorable. you guys did an awesome job! i wish you were here to help me plan mine!
Love you and can't wait to see you, Emi