Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Carpet and a Trip to the Hospital

I am so excited, the carpet was installed today!! I have never experienced an install crew for anything that was as on time as these guys where. Our scheduled time "window" was between 8 and 9am, and they showed up at 7:59! I was very impressed with their efficiency too. They had the job completed before 10am, and everything looks GREAT!

Here are a few pictures of Darby's room and ours with the new carpet.

I am SO glad that navy blue carpet it GONE at last!!

On another note, yesterday my day began with a trip to the hospital. The DR sent me as a precaution since I'd been having some symptoms that could have possibly meant I was leaking some amniotic fluid. Better safe then sorry, so off to Long Beach Memorial I went with my great Mother in Law who came to my rescue! After a lot of waiting and some tests (which were just too fun), everything turned out to be ok. All the tests came back negative for amniotic fluid and preterm labor, and we were SO relieved. That would have been horrible if it was the case, and it would have meant bed rest until Darby was here, and that could have happened way to early. I want to keep her in there until July!

After I was discharged, Julie and I stopped in the hospital gift shop on our way out and she bought a cute gift for Darby. As a souvenir of the whole experience, we picked a cute little bunny towel, and I can't wait to wrap Darby up in it after her first bath!

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