Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kickin' Back and.. kicking!

Our sweet little Darby has been on the moooooove today! This morning I laid in bed for awhile and just watched and felt my tummy. It is so amazing to me, to feel her kicking, and seeing my tummy move when she does! This afternoon, and even while I'm writing this she is all over the place and kicking, kicking, kicking!! I can't get enough.

Eric has been gone for the last few days, on a trip to Arizona to watch our #1 baseball team, the Angels, during their spring training. While he was gone, he did call and talk to Darby (well, my tummy). How cute is that! I am so anxious for him to get home tonight and hopefully she will still be this active so he can enjoy it as much as I am today!!

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