Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby Baby Baby!

I am SO happy to let you know that I passed my glucose screening with flying colors and am gestational diabetes free! Woo hoo! What a relief. I had told Dr. Gonzalez that I hope she had some good news for me because I didn't want to go do the 3 hour test! So glad things are ok. I got my rhogam shot too, keeping those RH antibodies away from me and my baby!!

I didn't have an ultrasound, but she measured my fundal height (my uterus) and listened to Darby's heartbeat with the doppler. She was a bit better this week at finding it. Of course, it still took a few tries but was nothing like the last visit! Everything is looking good and seems to be progressing just right!

Last night we had a tour of the birthing center at our hospital - Los Alamitos Medical Center. It was so exciting! Really made everything seem so real. Standing in the birthing suite I just kept thinking about how I am going to be giving birth in one of those rooms! I love our hospital. They keep you in the suites for your whole stay, but if they need it for someone else, you are still alone in a 2 bed postpartum room. Your spouse can come and go anytime, day or night and sleep with you in the room, even if you are in the postpartum room. The baby stays with you in your room the whole time too!! It was really neat and just put things into perspective. I can't believe how close it's all getting.

The next time we are in one of those birthing suites, are lives are going to change, and never be the same again. Thinking of it all is so overwhelming to me, but it's a day I can't wait to experience and one I have been dreaming about!! I can't wait to meet our little Darby to start our lives with her, help her grow and learn, and be her MOMMY and DADDY!

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I'm very happy for the two of of you. PO'B