Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just a Quick Update!

We had a DR appointment yesterday, and everything is looking good with Darby! I always get so nervous, which is something I don't think will go away until I'm holding her!

From our experience, Dr. Gonzalez isn't so good with her doppler. Yesterday she was ALL over my belly looking for Darby's heartbeat. I'd felt her kicking earlier, so I knew it was there somewhere, but all her searching was making me scared! Finally she said "Well, since she's not going to let me hear her, we'll just have to look!" and flipped on the ultrasound machine. I always LOVE seeing Darby on the monitor, she's so cute, so I wasn't disappointed! Just worried! Of course once we saw her on the ultrasound, and that the baby's head was up by my right rib, it was easy to locate where the heartbeat was! That sound is music to my ears I tell ya. I know Eric is just as nervous as I am, each time we go. I hate that we are jaded from the past, but that's the way it goes I guess! He doesn't show it as much. Me on the other hand, my face is always all red through the entire appointment because I'm so nervous! Just the other day I was telling Eric that I BET those nasty hives I had on my wedding day will definitely make an appearance when I give birth!

We got some information on childbirth classes, and within the week I'll get us all signed up for them! I also need to go have my 1 hour glucose screening for gestational diabetes and a blood draw to screen for RH antibodies. Our next appointment is in 3 weeks, and I'll get my Rhogam shot then.

Moving on to the third trimester very soon... and today my ticker says 100 days to go! I can't believe it!!


Jen said...

and today it says 99!! That is so amazing! I can only imagine the fear you feel. It's just not right that you have to feel like that. Sweet baby Darby will make a beautiful healthy debute! Love reading about all your updates!


Colleen said...

Congrats Annie-baby! You're almost there, what a blessing this baby will be to your lives. Once you have her, it will be hard to remember life without her. You're gonna be a great mommy :-)