Monday, April 21, 2008

The Latest!!

Many apologies for the lack of posting!! The third trimester is in full swing for me and unfortunately a lot of the time I feel like I am back in the first! I have been pretty tired again lately, mostly do to the lack of sleep I get during the night. I just can not get comfortable, pregnancy pillow and all. I am starting to require afternoon naps on most days, and the heartburn is just lovely. I wouldn't change anything, honestly, but I am starting to get anxious to have this baby here with us already and start feeling normal again!

The latest on the nursery decorating is that we now have some fabulous handmade curtains!! Julie (Grandma to be!) and I spent all day on Saturday and most of the day Sunday sewing the curtains together. We got it down to a science towards the end and the last 2 seemed to go by so quick! The fabric is SO soft and was pretty easy to work with!

Instead of using a normal curtain rod (boring!) I decided to take a 2x1 piece of wood, paint it white and attach some antique glass knobs to hang above the window and the closet.

Julie and I made button holes evenly spaced on the top of each panel to loop over the knobs.

Here's Julie with our first 2 curtains right after we hung them up and "oooed" and "aaahhed!"

On Sunday we sewed the panels for the closet. I found some really pretty lace curtains at Ikea ($14.99 for both! amazing!) to go behind the ones we made. We don't have doors on any of our closets, I love the curtain look!!

I am going to figure out some tie-backs for the curtains. They will not be open all the time, but draped to the side. In the closet you will see the lace, and the window you will just see outside. I also installed a pull down shade to make the room nice and dark for nap time!!

The shabby chic mirror I had previously bought also got hung yesterday!!

When my sister and I were younger, my family took many trips into New York City and went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We LOVED it. Every time we went, we always had to go find our favorite painting called "The Calmady Children" painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence. The two girls in the painting are Emily and Laura Anne. We always said it was us, since the older in the painting was Emily (my sisters name) and the younger Laura Anne! (My given name is Anne, even though everyone calls me Annie).

About 6 years ago I went to New York over Christmas break (my senior year of college) to visit a friend for New Years. He took me to the Met and I just had to buy the poster! I've had it stashed away in closets since and just happened to come across it when I was cleaning things out to get the carpet installed. Once I saw it I just knew it was meant for Darby's room and I just had to get it framed! It's a shame custom framing is so pricey, but I decided it sat in the closet long enough and just went for it!

Well that is the update for today! We are working on our 29th week now at 28 weeks 2 days and we are touring the hospital on Wed night!! Every day brings us closer and I am just getting so anxious for it to be here!


Brooke said...

I LOVE the painting (poster) and the curtains! They are so beautiful! I can not wait to do all that to our nursery!

hollyli said...

Like the curtain idea! Yea for the third trimester... but boo for the aches, pains and lack of sleep. I hear ya sister!

jlmishler said...

I love it!!! Very french girly-shabby-chic!!

Mandie said...

Love love love the nursery and the new painting you put up of "Emily and Laura Anne." It definitely fits really well with the nursery and makes it that much more classier! U are seriously amazing at decorating! Reminds me of all our fun college days when U helped us decorate anything and everything, even down to the cookies we made for the Bball team! hehehe..miss ya tons and horray for almost being done with the
28th week!

Kate said...

Darby's room looks amazing! She's going to be one stylish little girl!

Amanda said...

Darby is a very lucky girl to have such a stylish Mommy!! I love the nursery pictures, so gorgeous!!!