Friday, August 21, 2009

Concert in the Park

Every Thursday evening during the summer, the city holds a concert in the park by our house. The bands range from 80's to country to classic rock. It's good family fun, and Darby loves going! We ride our beach cruisers over - Darby has a seat on the back of Eric's - and picnic while listening to the music.

Little miss Darby has been walking more and more. Last night she wanted to walk EVERYWHERE at the park during the concert. I have to say, while it is certainly exciting to watch her reach this milestone - it is so exhausting!

On a side note: I realize I haven't been good about posting my Thursday "Can't Live Without" posts. I have no idea if they've actually been missed, but hopefully once this month is over I can get back to making it happen!

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Laquita said...

Little Miss "Movie Star" Darby in her pink sunglasses! So cute!