Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Darby loves Gymboree, and so do I! It's a great change of environment where I don't have to pick up any messes and Darby can do whatever she wants without hearing NO! We have been going to the Play and Learn Class a few times a week for the last month.

The class incorporates free play with a small weekly curriculum - this weeks is Depth Perception. We sing songs, play, and have a great time. The teacher even blows bubbles during every class! Darby is always pooped after which is another plus! I don't know how long we will continue to go (it is so expensive!) but we plan on doing at least one more month.

Another thing that is so great about Gymboree is that they have classes everyday, even on the weekends! We have gone a few times on Sunday so Eric is able to come too. Of course Darby loves having her Papa around and it's double the fun being at Gymboree with him! There are even "open play gym" times everyday during the week for a few hours a day. So far we've just been sticking to the classes (the open gym is during her nap) but I'm sure she would love that too!

Darby's favorite boyfriend crush Jackson loves Gymboree too. The cute thing is that Darby and Jackson periodically hug and kiss each other all through the class. It's adorable. Sometimes Darby just randomly puts her arm around Jackson. I love that she has a good friend already!

On Sunday I brought my camera and took a bunch of pictures! Jackson was still napping so he didn't make it to class, but of course Darby still managed to have a great time. She did however ask for him both on the way (saying "Jack, Jack, Jack?") and in the middle of class at one point.

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M said...

Oh my gosh! That looks like soo much fun! I wonder if there is one of those close to me?
And of course she looks SO cute! I love that outfit! I have to say, Kell is a little jealous of his competition! Jackson is older AND in the same state!

Monica said...

What fun!! I love the picture you took of her from behind climbing up the blue slide. Very cute.

Aunt Monica

hollyli said...

Looks like D is having such a great time there! She's such a big girl!

Princess Avanaar said...

Looks like D has a great time at Gymboree! I agree with Monica that the picture of her climbing up the slide is adorable!