Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jackson's 1st Birthday Party

As I said earlier, on Saturday we went to Jackson's (Darby's #1) birthday party! It was a great time, Darby wore herself out (and us too) walking everywhere and got to load up on some yummy sweets. Jackson even tried to feed Darby some of his cake - he owed her from when she fed him her cake - but she wasn't too interested. Guess she's saving it for the wedding! Here are some pictures I took!

Happy 1st Birthday Jackson! Darby loves you and so do we! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you.

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Laquita said...

Great pictures of the birthday party. Looks like Darby isn't the only one growing up fast!

Colleen said...

Darby sure chose a handsome boyfriend!

I love Jackson's mom's dress - do you know where she got it?